About Me

I like to know how things work. Whether it's a website or a washing machine, I'll pick it apart until the purpose of each piece becomes clear, then put it back together again. I've spent seven years deconstructing the web, thousands of hours analyzing every POST and GET, from back-end to front-end and back again.

I began my career in 2010 making a personal website for my music. Then a friend asked for one. Then another. After word spread, I met Jonathan who asked me to join Eat,Sleep,Work,.Inc as an associate front-end developer. 7 years later and here I am, lead full-stack developer and still as passionate about a good website as the day I started.

I've shared my passion with my family and my community, teaching website building courses through Compton YouthBuild to students who'd otherwise have no access to the tools and resources of cutting edge development.

Skill Set

  • − PHP
  • − Javascript/ES6
  • − jQuery/AJAX
  • − SQL/MySQL
  • − RESTful API
  • − HTML5 & CSS3/SCSS
  • − UI/UX Design

Build Tools

  • − LAMP Stack
  • − Bootstrap 3.0/4
  • − Grunt/Gulp/Bower
  • − Node/NPM
  • − Git
  • − AWS: EC2, RDS, S3


  • − Wordpress
  • − Angular
  • − Ionic
  • − Magento/Woocommerce/Opencart
  • − JQuery Mobile
  • − Shopify
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